Site #1 pour les poissons du Gabon

Our goal: making biodiversity data on Gabon's ichthyofauna available online

There was a day when if you lived in a country that didn't have a good library—a very good library, in fact—you were effectively cut off from information on your countries' biodiversity.  This literature was contained in old volumes of (mostly) European journals devoted to taxonomy. Type specimens—the ultimate reference for every species—were locked away in far-away museums. Good luck trying to figure out the species identity of an unusual plant, insect, or even fish without a plane ticket, or flying in an expert. Today it doesn't have to be that way thanks to the World Wide Web and the biodiversity resources that are increasingly available online.

This site is devoted to the fishes of Gabon, a country rich in fishes, forest and other natural resources, although not rich in libraries or natural history museums. PoissonGabon will be useful to many people who are interested in the fish fauna of this country, but to none more than Gabonese themselves needing information on the species that populate their country's waterways.

If you have something to contribute (photos, species accounts, keys) request an account at the login link (upper right). Everything you contribute will be credited to you and you will retain a Creative Commons copyright. Many hands make light work and if enough of us pitch in, we can in a relatively short time have something as authoritative as a "Fishes of Gabon" printed book could ever be. Unlike a printed resource, PoissonGabon is continuously updatable and obsolescence-proof. 

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